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Looking To Grow Your Wellness Business?

Core Collective is building centres of excellence where the best fitness and wellness professionals collaborate to deliver better service and results for our customers, all under one roof.

We help you grow by providing best-in-class support services and facilities, and by fostering collaboration and professional development opportunities.

Who Should Join Us

Are you a wellness professional such as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Acupuncturist or Nutritionist, or a business owner running a pain management, aesthetics or medical clinic?  

Do you want to grow your business and be profitable? 

Looking to expand into prime locations within the CBD or Dempsey without a huge setup cost?

Want access to a growing database of 15,000+ members?

Want to be part of a community of leading fitness and wellness professionals in Singapore?

Why Join Us

We are Singapore’s leading fitness and wellness co-working space that helps businesses flourish.

Features & Benefits

Cash Flexibility & Cost Efficiency

  • Pay-per-use rental model
  • No revenue share 
  • No or low set up and operation costs 
  • Run your own schedules

Full Range of Premium Facilities

  • Consultation and treatment rooms 
  • Event spaces 
  • Staff lounge 
  • Changing and shower facilities


  • Your growth is our growth so we are committed to ensuring scalability to your business model

Brand Promotion

  • Exposure through Core Collective's website, newsletters and social media channels 
  • Be a part of Core Collective's organised events and networking sessions

Community Benefits

  • Networking, collaboration and cross-referral opportunities with other fitness & wellness residents 

Low Administrative Burden

  • Shared support services such as receptionists, payment collection, appointment booking system and laundry

Professional Development Opportunities 

  • Invitations to Core Collective community events such as community breakfasts and sharing sessions
  • Assistance with insurance and access to insurance discounts

Our Wellness Space  

Core Collective is currently at two locations, 79 Anson Road and 27A 30B/C Loewen Road at Dempsey.

New location in the East, coming soon!

Core Collective Anson

Core Collective Dempsey

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Core Collective Anson

79 Anson Road, #21-01, #22-01, 

Singapore 079906 

Core Collective Dempsey

27A, 30B/C Loewen Road,  

Singapore 248839 

Centrally Located 

Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar MRT station

Free parking available

Buses: 7, 75, 77, 105,106,123, 174, NR8


Dr. Tim Errington (Chiropractor)

Founder of Total Health Chiropractic

“There is a tremendous ecosystem of cross-referrals and people helping each other. We have had many people either walk-in or been referred to by Core Collective or the many wellness and fitness professionals in the building.” Read more

Dr. Kevin Tomassini (Chiropractor)

Founder of Spine & Performance

“Core Collective had the perfect environment. Besides the accessible central location, it was a new workplace concept with a fresh fitness space.” Read more

Sophia Goh (Psychotherapist), Founder of Sofia Wellness Clinic

Core Collective offers the flexibility and support that is critical for a small practice such as mine." Read more

"We wanted to expand to take the pressure off our other CBD clinics, and when we saw the wonderful space at Core Collective, we realised that we could use it to our benefit and to the benefit of all our clients. 

Core Collective takes away all the risk associated with expansion or opening a new business. It’s allowed us to put our toe in the water and have a feel for this part of town without an awful lot of capital expense that normally opening a clinic would have had. It’s enabled us to come into the Tanjong Pagar area on short-term contracts because Core Collective is a co-working fitness and wellness space. Now that we’ve tried this area and the project for us has flown, we are looking to expand in the area.

Detailed Testimonials

Core Collective’s flexibility enabled us to mould our operation into their operation. We’ve had all the benefits of working within Core Collective including using their Front Desk services which is full of very professional people, the huge exercise area for our clients and their booking software that they accommodated our wishes to adapt so that gradually we could make this operation in line with the rest of our clinics. The flexibility of being here together with the location and the professional atmosphere has enabled us to confidently sell what we do to corporations. When our professional clients come in, we feel very confident that they will be happy with the environment here. 

One of the difficulties of being in business is getting new business. Because we’re chiropractors and not everyone knows exactly what we do, Core Collective has helped us reach more people especially in this part of the city. There’s a tremendous ecosystem of cross-referrals and people helping each other. We’ve had many people either walk-in or been referred to by Core Collective or the many wellness and fitness professionals in the building. This has really helped us, and being part of a community as well as enabled us to feel that we are in the right place. Our clients have really appreciated the fact that they can take a class whether it be yoga, pilates or personal training together with having their chiropractic adjustment. 

If a wellness professional was thinking of coming into Core Collective, I would definitely recommend it. With the very little capital expense required and the short term contracts that they provide, you’re not locked-in and it gives you the chance to test if the Tanjong Pagar area is right for your business. If it is, your business will fly and that’s exactly what happened to us."

Dr. Tim Errington (Chiropractor)

Founder of Total Health Chiropractic

"After working under a chiropractic company for several years, I craved independence and started actively looking for premium spaces within the CBD. However, I was faced with high barriers to entry, such as taking out bank loans to build my own business and the hassle of long commercial leases. 

My first encounter with Core Collective happened via LinkedIn. I was lucky to be introduced to their Fitness Manager who shared with me Core Collective’s vision and plans, which I inevitably fell in love with.

As a fitness enthusiast myself, I always dreamt of setting up my first clinic within the vicinity of a gym. This was also because of the complementary nature of fitness services and chiropractic services. Core Collective had the perfect environment, besides the accessible central location, it was a new workplace concept and had a fresh fitness space. I knew at that time that Core Collective would provide me with the value and unique opportunity to grow. 

Apart from the spatial aspect and top-notch facilities, Core Collective is also a great platform for new business owners like myself. I received tremendous support and assistance from Core Collective’s in-house team and this has helped me immensely as a solo practitioner. For example, they created lead generation opportunities such as sending me to corporate headquarters for talks and demonstrations and arranging internal workshops. This helped me build my brand and create awareness. 

The biggest draw of Core Collective was that it gave me the chance to connect with other like-minded professionals, so we could easily collaborate and share ideas. For example, I could work closely with a Pilates instructor as many of my patients suffering from spinal injury required rehabilitation in the form of exercise. The convenience of being under one roof meant collaboration and creation of personalised programs tailored specifically for my clients. Internal referrals were always a bonus!" 

Dr. Kevin Tomassini (Chiropractor)

Founder of Spine & Performance

"Core Collective offers the flexibility and support that is critical for a small practice such as mine. The space at Core Collective is vibrant and welcoming, which helps portray my practice professionally. The team is extremely supportive and helpful, and would go beyond the mile to ensure that my clients and I are well taken care of. 

I have also benefited from being surrounded by other passionate, like-minded professionals who have been immensely helpful in helping me to grow my business and enhance professional knowledge."

Sophia Goh (Psychotherapist), Founder of Sofia Wellness Clinic 

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